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"My husband has suffered for years with lymphedema. He also had weeping on one of his legs. We have gone everywhere from vascular surgeons, wound care specialists, and any other place we could think of. None of them were able to help my husband. It has been years. We came to Pathways and met Monica and Elyse. They told us they could help. I wanted to believe, but have been disappointed for so long. Within one month, the weeping stopped and both legs looked as close to normal as they could get. It is nothing short of a miracle. My husband is finally doing better. I only wish we new of Pathways earlier. Thank you Monica and Elyse for doing what none of our doctors could. We will never forget you two!"

— Sharon (Feb. 2019)

"For almost three years I watched as lymphedema in my legs crippled me. I learned it was a selfish disease. It first it took my social life, then... my ability to drive, eventually...my job. It left me living on my couch taking but a few painful steps with the help of a walker. Finally, it took my self-esteem and was on its way to taking away any hope for a purposeful future. In late December, 2017 I began treatment at Pathways. Within a few weeks of intense work with Monica and Elyce I saw a significant difference. Not only in the size of my swollen legs, but mobility and strength of my lower extremities. Monica and Elyce do not force treatments on you, instead they invite you to become their partner as they do the “Nuts and Bolts and Wraps” of the operation as you do your part. They inspired me to take control of my life and do all I could to improve my situation. I have lost weight, often walk without the walker and I am driving again. I can say without any hesitation that Pathways was the reason I was able to regain my life. I urge anyone who suffers as I did, to call Pathways!"

— Patrick D.

“I have had lower extremity and truncal lymphedema for four years and have sought treatment at several large practices. BY FAR, Pathways provides the best care delivered by the most knowledgeable, talented, and accommodating therapists – Monica and Elyce. In addition to offering expert care, these two therapists are generous with their energy, support, resources, and kindness. They are keen listeners and are extremely devoted to their patients. Most other practices do not offer free consultations. Pathways does. If you need treatment for your lymphedema, I encourage you to call Pathways. You will not be disappointed. I saw results after my very first treatment.”

— Ellen W.

“A few months ago I noticed swelling in my arm which was diagnosed as lymphedema. I was unsure what this meant and where to turn for treatment. My oncologist referred me to Pathways for an evaluation. From the moment I stepped into the office, I was immediately put at ease by the caring and knowledgeable therapists. I’m truly thankful to have found a local facility that offered me excellent treatment, care, and unlimited support. Thank you Monica and Elyce!”

— Stephanie

“A number of years ago, at the time of my breast cancer surgery, I was told that lymphedema was a possibility. What lymphedema was and how it would effect my life was brushed over by all in the rush to treat my illness. Recently I noticed swelling in my arm and hand. I subsequently set out to find a place to begin the therapy my oncologist recommended that would be convenient to my home. Pathways in Lynbrook is so much more than just convenient! At my first appointment, I was totally overwhelmed by what the therapy entailed. Monica and Elyce were so kind and thoughtful. They explained everything to me in a way that made me feel comfortable. They even made me laugh! I am truly grateful to them for all of their attention and kindness. They helped me to overcome this ailment, and to see it as merely an annoyance in light of the bigger picture!”

— Erica

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